Then There Was Android

Work2 Comments

After getting the iPhone app released, it was only a matter of time before the haters would start running their lips. “Can’t we get that on Android?”, they asked. Dang it. Why do we have to have choice in this world!

So after failing miserably with the Android simulators, I bought myself an unlocked Android phone. Don’t need to call anyone. I just need to design, develop, and test my app. But more importantly, I need to get used the Android experience. What’s a menu button? What’s a left arrow button? How do notifications look? You can’t get this from a simulator. Got a shiny new HTC Inspire 4G and got to work.

Frankly, it was pretty easy to get the app going. Only a few things I had to learn about how to scale my UI elements differently. Had to figure out how to implement the “Pull to refresh” in an Android-ish fashion. Then figure out the notifications. Android doesn’t seems to have it quite down yet but its getting more solid. Went with C2DM and got it running pretty smoothly.

But I bet publishing in the market will be a pain. Apple was a total pain in the ass. Credit card? Check. A few pieces of info. App? Check. Oh, its posted. That was easy.

Guess I am mobile developer that goes both ways now. But you know where I will remain true.