Run: Green Mountain (6.01 mi)

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‘Cause it’s your birthday Just back in Colorado last night. Might as well get back in the groove. I feel like today was the start of training season but its going to be a slow build for a while. I am suffering from 15 extra pounds since Leadville race weight. That is sort of expected. I can’t hold race weight. … Read More

Galloping Gobbler 4M 2011

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Distance 4M Time 25:48 Pace 6:27 Rank 97 of 3075 GPS Analysis Garmin Connect Back in Fort Wayne, Indiana for the holiday. Met up with Ward Moya to run the local turkey trot. 3,000 runners strong! Saw a few old faces there. Start got underway late. Boo. Basically, it was a lasso shaped course out through the big cemetery next … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (6.10 mi)

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More hiking. OK, is this hiking shit supposed to feel like a workout? It did the first few times but now I am starting to think its a waste of time. I just don’t feel that cardio burn that I have come to love and hate. Whatever. Nobody out today except OSMP dudes with chainsaws cutting down some trees on … Read More

Longmont Turkey Trot 10k 2011

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Distance 10k Time 42:31 Pace 6:51 Rank 61 of 556 GPS Analysis Garmin Connect Windy. Fat. Slow. I have skipped this race since it changed courses. I have had decent progress there but knew this year wouldn’t be the same. Simon came up and lightly guilted me into racing too. So it basically became a $20 tempo-ish run to see … Read More