Run: Green Mountain (5.64 mi @ 15:41)

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Its Fall. Yet it was 66 degrees when I stepped out of the car. Perfect running weather. They put up a sign at the “usual” dirt parking spot by Gregory that they are enforcing permits there now for parking. Bummer. Drove 100 yards back down the road to get my day started. Went up the front in anticipation of seeing … Read More

Bush w/ Chevelle & Filter @ Broomfield, CO / 2011

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Think I took a long break from running? I haven’t been to a concert since February. I know! But the shows just haven’t been there lately. Finally, here in October, the situation will be corrected. Filter Saw them pre-blog. 1995 at Shoreline in California? Richard Patrick has always been a cool guy to me. Probably because he was with NIN … Read More

Run: Return to Green Mountain (5.49 mi)

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After months away, it was time to finally return to Green this weekend. Props to JV for bringing the camera. JV, Homie, Tony and I met up. Not the usual path for today. Steep route. I was working. Still suffering from the month off in terms of tightness. Calves hurt on the climbs. Quads on the downs. So I brought … Read More