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I was reviewing this document of posted applicants for HR100 and got sort of excited. Running isn’t that exciting right now but seeing that list, with my name on it, with all the other friends on it, with other big names on it, was pretty cool. Was able to get in line at the big dance. Just not sure if … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (6.05 mi)

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Hike the front. Run the back. 97 to go. Things felt a bit more normal on Sunday finally. After a few weeks, it was much welcomed. However, my left knee is causing all kinds of issues. Its nothing I have ever felt before. Its in the back. Like a tendon at the top of the calf. Not a knee cap … Read More

Foo Fighters @ Pepsi Center / Denver, CO / 2011

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Once in a while, the stars do align! See I usually run my concerts by Kim before I buy tickets. Mostly to check schedule conflicts but partly just to see if she is interested. As you may have heard, she was the one that started this whole deal by taking me to my first rock concert eons ago. Anyway, I … Read More

Winter Already

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I woke up to this! Leadville has 2 seasons: summer and winter. I am convinced. It doesn’t understand anything in between. We had to make a pseudo emergency trip up on Thursday night. We had left the heat off not thinking much about it. Temps have been good but suddenly dropped from an overnight average of mid-30s to single digits. … Read More