Run: Green Mountain (5.98 mi)

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I was in Boulder mid-day for a thing. So decided to get a run in afterwards given it was 75 degrees out! Up the back, down the front for a change. Should have taken water. Felt really labored on the climb today. I don’t feel fit right now. That’s depressing. I went 5.98 miles with an elevation gain of 2,512 … Read More

There’s An App For That

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My Dad suggested I call it “Angry Birds 2” but I stuck with the official name. We are finally live in the App Store as of tonight! This was a fun project with lots of new stuff to learn along the way. Apple has quite an ecosystem setup here. Lots of steps along the way for developers. Glad to have … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (6.00 mi)

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Hiked the front, ran down the back. Not faster today but probably a bit less work for the same pace. Need to get a month or so into this routine I bet to see the numbers change. Cold! Wore gloves. I hate you winter. Die. Leadville is August 18th – 19th. Overlaps with Pikes again. Oh well. 10 months to … Read More

Pacing GZ @ Boulder 100 (7.01 mi @ 20:11)

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I told him not to do it. That was my feedback to GZ as we were walking to the Foo Fighters show last week. Just felt like speaking my mind and letting him do what he wanted to. Maybe the negative viewpoint inspired him to go for it. Maybe I was the detractor. But the next morning on his blog, … Read More