Run: BBMM 2011 (11.93 mi)

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BBMM 2011

I enjoyed seeing everyone but my heart wasn’t in the run. Ended up going quick up Flagstaff on JV and Tony’s heels then peeling off for a duke. Then got up to Green barely seeing anyone. JV was heading down as I came up the stairs. Saw lots of friends coming up as I descended. I should have waited. Was tired of running alone when I actually had the chance to run with friends. Donnie kept me company on the cut over to Bear. Once on the summit there, I was cold and my feet were wet and I decided I wasn’t having fun. Saw Matt L. and he was freezing and bleeding so I opted to lead him back to the finish via Fern for a bit of a short cut on the day. Ended up being a nasty path down with all the ice and no spikes. I regretted leaving them in the truck that day. Oh well. Ended up with 3+ hours of running. Longest run since Leadville and I felt it the next day. The offseason has me “off” my game.

I went 11.93 miles with an elevation gain of 4,415 feet in 03:34:32, which is an average pace of 17:59. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.