Foo Fighters @ Pepsi Center / Denver, CO / 2011

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Once in a while, the stars do align! See I usually run my concerts by Kim before I buy tickets. Mostly to check schedule conflicts but partly just to see if she is interested. As you may have heard, she was the one that started this whole deal by taking me to my first rock concert eons ago. Anyway, I presented the offer and she immediately made the obvious follow-up challenge, “Where are they playing?”. “Pepsi Center”, I said in disgust. This will probably break the deal. “I will go”, she says. Wow! Overcoming the nightmare of a Pepsi Center concert. She must really love this new record! And its true. Even my daughters all like the new Wasting Light as much as we do. Its a family singalong whenever we hit the road together. They fight over which song they want to hear. Sydney (8) can sing most of the songs when I mute the volume suddenly on her. She keeps going! I was mildly disappointed not to be taking her to the show but the time and situation hasn’t quite come yet. Soon.

Anyway, given I will not be on the floor tonight, let’s expand the roster. Who do I know that would be a good brother-in-arms for fighting foo? GZ! Loves the Foo Fighters, plays guitar, and needs to get his rock on. Dmitri! My neighbor and on-and-off concert going buddy. Sometimes our tastes align and it did for this show. JP! He is partially deaf so he likes anything from the 90s.

We all met downtown for a handful of beers and some catching up. Discussed lots of topics and very little was running related. George tried asking Kim some pointed questions about running, Leadville, 100s, and me. She gave him some impromptu answers that were fun to hear. GZ spent the rest of the time grilling Dmitri on anger management, job duties, and ball sacks. I think its time to rock.

Arrived to Cage the Elephant opening. I have seen them open before at an STP show. Can someone mute these guys already? Oh. My. God. They. Suck. Had to make it through 2 songs then it was Foo setup time. Ah.

Foo Fighters

The stage setup was pretty standard but they had some sweet LCDs in the floor so they could light it, pattern it, and put visuals on it. I think they could have done even more but it was mostly a light show. Dave had a runway down to the back of the stadium where he would occasionally go and play and run back and forth.

Foo Fighters

Later, they revealed that this platform lifted and Dave played a bunch of mellower songs from back there right in the faces of that back of the bus crowd. Always good to flip the place around and make you want the cheap seats. We were in 146/17 for my future memory needs. Wasn’t bad. As much stage left as you could get but maybe 5-10 rows too high for my tastes. The floor was a sardine can with no movement. But what do you expect at a show like this.

Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl continues to be The Man. Its been said (and it was said by Taylor Hawkins last night) that Dave is the greatest musician of our generation. He is definitely in the contest. Always puts on a great show and probably passes out afterwards. The man never stops moving. Seems like a guy you just want to call a friend because he seems so damn fun. He spent a lot of time chatting with the crowd and its a pleasurable break because his comments are always interesting or relevant to the crowd. Like calling out a specific father to buy his son a guitar. Or calling out this couple to make out the entire 2nd verse of the song. Its all brilliant and plays well and seems really genuine. But he cheated on Monkey Wrench live. Again.

The Foo Fighters played for 2 hours and about 45 minutes. When they were done, you were done. They didn’t leave you wanting more that night. They played everything you wanted to hear. 5 song encore. So while I will stay true to the metal, if you want a good ole rock and roll show, you can’t go wrong with Foo Fighters. Ever. I mean…Everlong.