Run: Green Mountain (5.64 mi @ 15:41)

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Green Mountain

Its Fall. Yet it was 66 degrees when I stepped out of the car. Perfect running weather.

They put up a sign at the “usual” dirt parking spot by Gregory that they are enforcing permits there now for parking. Bummer. Drove 100 yards back down the road to get my day started.

Went up the front in anticipation of seeing bears. None spotted. Passed an older dude near the top of Amp. He was in a button down shirt carrying a Safeway bag with supplies. With age adjusted pacing, he was top dog out there today. I passed him but kept my eye on him as he followed me for the next mile or so until he finally drifted back out of sight. I was working on the hiking again today. Barely ran much on the up other than the flats.

Hit the summit and never stopped. Straight down the back side. My legs instantly revolted on the steps and drops. This pain in the back of my left knee sucks. Didn’t feel coordinated at all on the down once again today. Felt very “crunchy”. Passed by a group of hikers just after the short climb on up from the creek. Maybe threw off my concentration. Then just moments later I found myself face down rolling partially off trail. What just happened? I caught a quick toe on a small rock and ate it. Caught myself in the gravel with my hands and I now have rocks inside my skin. Stood up with that “what are you going to do now” look. Nothing is broken but my hands look like I just killed something with them. Blood dripping down. Let’s finish this run.

Drove home with baby butt wipes wrapping my hands. Its all I could find in Kim’s car. Was running late for a meeting so I sat there during it with my hands down under the desk bleeding into the trash can. After that hour of fun, I got up and cleaned my wounds and got back to work.

So 99 more times hiking up that front side and I should have developed the skills.

I went 5.64 miles with an elevation gain of 2,529 feet in 01:28:29, which is an average pace of 15:41. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.