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Following LT100 race winner Todd Wells down the Powerline, which I rode myself Sunday for the first time after dozens of runs. Watching the lines and taking notes! Doesn’t seem like they are flying down as fast as I would have dreamed. Still much faster than I was considering my brakes were smoking by the bottom.

MTB: Home to Sugarloaf to Powerline (18.59 mi)

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My neighbor, Dmitri, and family are up here in Leadville with us for the weekend. As I am trying to stick to the running hiatus plan, I needed to figure out another activity to keep him entertained. Thought about bringing the road bike but there was a more obvious choice. Dust off the mountain bike! So I busted out my … Read More

Twitter Authorization Issues With Now Playing

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UPDATE: Fixed in version I have had a few users complaining about authorization issues with Now Playing lately. I haven’t been able to reproduce them myself so its been hard to troubleshoot. There is nothing interesting about the first step in the authorization process. Basically, the plugin sends a simple fixed URL to Twitter and it gives us back … Read More

D-Rock On A Building

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Walking downtown in Leadville this weekend, I saw this new sight up on the building next to the LT100 HQ… Wasn’t that a DNF year photo? I commented to my wife on that and she replied something to the effect of how he looks the part, all minimalist and in the moment. Who gives a crap how he finished. He … Read More