Bike: Tires Suck (9.29 mi)

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Kim and I sync’d our schedules so that we could ride together today. That should be fun. So last night, I got my bike down. Pumped up the flat tires and then tried to figure out how to adjust my Shimano 105s. The front would not drop down to the inner ring. I went in and printed out a install … Read More

Java Says “No fonts found” on Amazon Linux AMI

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Ran into a snag over the weekend and didn’t find a single article to help solve this so I will contribute my learnings to the greater good. I was using JasperReports locally just fine. But when I deployed to my EC2 instance running the Amazon Linux AMI 2011.02, it blew up. Hmmm. This AMI uses the OpenJDK and many point … Read More

Daily Diversion

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So this is winner, Ryan Sandes, getting it done at Leadville. His run looks slightly gimpy throughout to me. Interesting to see the style and pace. Seems reserved. But D-Rock gets the longest cameo of the whole video though.