Run: Bear Peak & SoBo (6.09 mi)

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“Wanna go run at 8PM tonight?”, JV says. That’s like in the dark. OK.

Night Timing

More used to running during the day time and I save my headlamp for Leadville. So this was my first Boulder peaks ascent in the dark oddly enough. We spent some time on the run discussing how we would save each other if there was a mountain lion attack. I told JV it would kind of suck for him because I would have to first get out my iPhone and snap a picture and maybe some video first before saving him. Best blog post ever, right? “JV is totally getting eaten by this mountain lion…check it out!”

Dumb video I suppose. Not much to say but those are the lights and I thought that was better than a picture.

Definitely was working some new set of muscles up Fern. As I have been told, I need to spend more time there hiking.

Wore my Minimus and by the time we got back down, my feet were pretty beaten up. Need to get some new footwear one of these days as my trail shoe selection is a bit lacking right now.

JV tried to tempt me to go to Green but I didn’t have it in me. 2 hours on my feet was plenty for this night. Plus, I hadn’t eaten in preparation for a smoother gut in the run so I was starving. Turns out Taco Bell was the only thing open at this time. So that’s where I ate. Ummmm! Haven’t had that in years. Probably won’t again for years.

As I imported this, I found out that this was a 4+ minute PR on this route. We were talking the whole time and it was at night so not really sure how I feel about my Bear PR there. Truth is that I rarely hit this peak from the front like this so there is a lot of room for improvement.

I went 6.09 miles with an elevation gain of 3,215 feet in 02:04:56, which is an average pace of 20:30. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.