Run: Return (8.65 mi @ 07:29)

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Today is day 31. To celebrate, I swapped out my web site home page with a fancy new design after 10(?) years of the same old thing. What do you think? Click through to see it in action.

So I woke up a 5AM. Worked. Did a meeting. Didn’t shower and waited until it warmed up. Threw on my shorts, watch, iPod. Laced up the Minimus Roads. And I ran…

Kind of felt like driving a car when its been sitting out in the freezing cold all night. Took it a little time to find the motions but the paces came right back. I felt heavy in the motions though probably because of the extra weight I was carrying. Stopped 1/2 way to take a crap. Somethings never change.

Nothing spectacular and I expect all drama to now cease and deist. I will start the climbing the small(?) cliff that is the damage I did over the last 30 days before embarking on my next training cycle. For what goal? I don’t quite know yet but its gonna be good.

I went 8.65 miles with an elevation gain of 124 feet in 01:04:44, which is an average pace of 07:29. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.