Band of Brothers 2

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Band of Brothers 2

Lucho, JP, Jim, Brandon, GZ, Nick P, JV, Justin, Nick C

Last year was a bit of a celebration after the running season ended. This year, I felt like there was no celebration to be had. But leave it to GZ to stir the pot with a seemingly random comment to me…something to the effect of “are we doing a get together this year?”. Within a day, I had an evite sent out with the title:


So hey, let’s celebrate the defeat. Justin even went and did the research and printed out nametags for everyone that had DNFs with their claim(s) to fame on them. It was a nice touch. Everyone gathered at our house on great warm Colorado afternoon for some food, drink and socializing. A lot of running was talked but other topics did come up as well. Like how big the spiders are in our backyard.

I am nearly done with my 30 day hiatus from running. But I will never take a hiatus from the friends I have met along the way in this journey on the run. Its been amazing and its mostly possible because of the people. Each of these guys inspire me (daily) and I am lucky to call them all friends.

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