Bike: Tires Suck (9.29 mi)

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Kim and I sync’d our schedules so that we could ride together today. That should be fun. So last night, I got my bike down. Pumped up the flat tires and then tried to figure out how to adjust my Shimano 105s. The front would not drop down to the inner ring. I went in and printed out a install guide from Shimano and tried to see if I could make the adjustments work. Damn. That is hard. I played with everything but finally got it to drop down by turning one of the screws that didn’t seem obvious. I think this is a skill you have to develop over time. But I can’t figure out the step 4 where they talk about trimming. Does that actually do something? They mention “click” sounds but I assume that isn’t the shift “click”. Ideas?

Kim was to meet me at Sandstone. I had 30 minutes to get over there so I spent every one of those preparing. Shorts, jersey, water, watch, tools, etc. This sport takes a lot of shit. I remember why it turns me off sometimes. But went to get on the bike and the front was flat. I had filled it last night so I knew there was some issues. I had to leave now though. Ripped my pack off and pulled out a spare tube and started changing the tire. There was a tear near the presta stem. Put the new tube in and started to inflate. Nothing. I could here air spraying out. Huh? Now what? I am going to be late so I called Kim and told her. Grabbed another tube out of the garage and then started changing into that one in a frantic hurry. Got it in and pumped. That other new tube had a split in it. Whatever. Got on the bike and rode to Kim.

On the way there, the front brake was rubbing. I found Kim and stopped to check it. The tire had popped out of the rim in one little spot. I hadn’t seated the tire correctly in my hurry. I deflated the tire in the parking lot, popped it back into the rim, and then pulled out my pump to try and inflate to 100 psi by hand. The pump would not engage. Haven’t used this pump in years…maybe ever. Bent part of the presta valve. I am burnt out.

Kim and I load the bikes and drive back to the house. I filled the tire with no issues with my floor pump. Now what?

Kim said she wanted to give her new clips a try around so I was game. So I talked her through getting up and on the bike on clips and getting back off. Seemed easy enough. We rode out from home for about 3 miles then turned around. She was getting some weird pain in her shin from the clips. She wasn’t used to pedaling up on the ball of the foot like the clips make you. She is going to go and get fitted in a few weeks so hopefully they can put it all together for her. Right now, there seems to always been a pain point each day.

As we got back towards home, she wanted me to try and raise the seat to see if that helped. So while trying to stop, we got in a mini-argument and in the confusion she unclipped the right side but then tried to lean left. Bam! Wife is down. Wife is down. Well, we all fall eventually in clips and she just got her first one out of the way with minor scrapes. She got back on the bike and rode it back home with no further issues. Glad she got them out of the box finally. Will take a few more (hundred) tries before its seamless.

Last night, we went down to Boulder and I finally picked up some new MTB tires for Stumpy. I was looking at these Specialized “The Captain” tires over the weekend but I kept hearing that they were too heavy. So I opted for these Maxxis Cross Country 26 x 2.1 tires. Replacing my 26 x 1.90 tires. Hope they work. New tubes too. The guy was telling me about tubeless but the system was $60 and while I like to spend money, I wasn’t sure this was the direction I wanted to go just now. Thoughts?


Over the weekend, I looked at Specialized 29ers up at Peloton in Loveland but the stock was about gone. They are ready for 2012 bikes. They didn’t have much selection so I didn’t even get a good sense for size. Thought I would see more 29ers at Bicycle Village in Boulder but they don’t carry Specialized anymore and I don’t care for the Trek MTBs myself. Need to find another store or wait for the 2012 at Peloton to get stock. My wife was laughing at me because she knows exactly how many times I have ridden my awesome carbon road bike. She wants to know how many times I will ride this new bike…if I get one. Hell, I don’t know. Maybe once, maybe more. I am sort of over trying to spend all my hours racking up running miles. I feel like I need some variety. Bikes are the only answer. But they are a total pain in the ass with all the gears, tools, and issues. I am sure a new and much more complicated MTB will only create more of that. I don’t know. Still not sure what my goal is yet. Ride a bit to vary the exercise activity. Or see if I can ride 100 miles in under 12 hours.

I went 9.29 miles with an elevation gain of 251 feet in 00:40:05, which is an average pace of 13.9. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.