Twitter Authorization Issues With Now Playing

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UPDATE: Fixed in version

I have had a few users complaining about authorization issues with Now Playing lately. I haven’t been able to reproduce them myself so its been hard to troubleshoot. There is nothing interesting about the first step in the authorization process. Basically, the plugin sends a simple fixed URL to Twitter and it gives us back some data. Well, that request is failing for these users and it wasn’t clear why.

A motivated customer of the plugin, Lane Roathe, spent some time diagnosing the issue because he was facing it himself and could work through the problem. This was on Mac OS X in his case but he gave me back the info on the steps he used to resolve this issue after some googling and experimenting. Hope they help you!

1. Login to twitter

2. Go to the “Applications” tap in your twitter settings (via pop-down menu on top right in twitter ‘tool bar’, with your icon next to it)

3. Find the application, in this case “Now Playing”

4. Click “Revoke Access” for that application.

5. Log out of twitter.

6. Open Safari’s preferences and go to the privacy tab

7. Click on the “Details…” button in the “Cookies and other web data” area (right edge)

8. Type “twitter” in the search field and press return

9. Select all resulting matches, then click the “Remove” button to delete cached twitter information

10. Quit Safari

11. In iTunes, View visualizer options for Now Playing

12. In the twitter tab, click “Reset” button to remove existing authentication info (needed only if “Authorize” button not visible)

13. Quit iTunes (whether or not you needed to reset the twitter authentication)

14. Re-Launch iTunes, and once again navigate to the twitter tab in Now Playing’s options

15. Click the “Authorize” button

16. This should result in a dialog informing you that you need to authorize the app in your web browser. If you get any other message (ex: “could not authorize you at this time”) the repeat this process, starting at step 1. (You should only actually need to repeat steps from 6 on, but it’s good to make sure the revoke access took).

17. When Safari launches you should get the twitter application authorization request page, with login fields. Enter your login information and click Authorize.

18. The next screen has your verification code, copy it (easiest way is to double-click on the code and press Command-C).

19. Switch back to iTunes, where you should still have the Now Playing options window open to the twitter tab

20. Paste the verification code in and press the “Verify” button.