Animals Suck

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How I spent my Saturday… That’s the carpet out of my daughter’s room upside down on the driveway. The big spots? Piss. Turns out our dog decided to start peeing in her room recently. Then the other animals piled on. Reagan hid a few of these from us by putting books on them because “she didn’t want them to get … Read More

Run: Bear Peak & SoBo (6.09 mi)

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“Wanna go run at 8PM tonight?”, JV says. That’s like in the dark. OK. More used to running during the day time and I save my headlamp for Leadville. So this was my first Boulder peaks ascent in the dark oddly enough. We spent some time on the run discussing how we would save each other if there was a … Read More

Run: Return (8.65 mi @ 07:29)

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Today is day 31. To celebrate, I swapped out my web site home page with a fancy new design after 10(?) years of the same old thing. What do you think? Click through to see it in action. So I woke up a 5AM. Worked. Did a meeting. Didn’t shower and waited until it warmed up. Threw on my shorts, … Read More

30 Days

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I am a fan of Morgan’s work. The basis of his Supersize Me movie and his TV show was to fully immerse himself in various roles for 30 days. Long enough to learn, get in the groove, and make it feel just permanent enough. So when I said I was taking a running hiatus after Leadville, this number just popped … Read More

Band of Brothers 2

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Previously. Lucho, JP, Jim, Brandon, GZ, Nick P, JV, Justin, Nick C Last year was a bit of a celebration after the running season ended. This year, I felt like there was no celebration to be had. But leave it to GZ to stir the pot with a seemingly random comment to me…something to the effect of “are we doing … Read More