Weekly Training Summary (53.79 miles / 7:44:16)

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I dig a hole Through what’s left of My world Searching for, something more I turn it Inwards Breakdown Mon – 8M: Leadville. Ran out to Tabor then back along the course. Lungs were jacked up a bit. Tue – 5M: Leadville. Shorter but quicker run around the neighborhood before heading out of town. Wed – 0M: Planned rest day. … Read More

Run: Turquoise Lake (15.01 mi @ 08:58)

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Nick and I did a lap around the lake to help with our own respective taper efforts. I felt really strong out to May Queen. Close to PR without really trying today. A little less amped on the climbs back home on the road. Pulled a little side stitch while dropping back to Sugarloaf’n. That will be my last run … Read More

Run: Belle of Colorado (6.95 mi @ 08:40)

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Never fear, the Mayor returns! Maybe I should be the Ambassador as GZ suggested. Anyway, back in Leadville. Andy Wooten, Brenden Trimboli, and Aaron Marks came over around 5PM and we went for my usual jog out to the lake and back along the LT100 course. Fun sharing my route with others. The course markings were up for the bike … Read More

Run: Nowhere (0.00 mi)

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Today was Kayla’s 2nd birthday. So Kim and I are officially out of the 1 year old parent business forever. Wow. Its kind of bittersweet to know you are done with that phase. You know…before they can talk back to you and/or think you are not that important anymore. We got her a potty and she sat down and peed … Read More