Happy Leadville Eve!

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All the goodies are out! No yarn.

Leadville Trail 100 Run 2011

No, I am not carrying all this. That’s why I have a crew with a Hummer following me. I am actually pretty minimal. However, the temps are uncharacteristically low up here right now through the weekend so I will likely be a little more dressed that I would have liked. Hopefully, this eases the hydration plan for me and my fellow runners a bit. Hot here gets brutal.

Leadville Trail 100 Run 2011

We went to the race briefing this morning. 800 runners and their crews and pacers makes for a hot gym! Same old stories from Ken. Dr. Hill came up and gave his humorous talk. I went and said hi to him pre-briefing and he was glad to see me there. He was the one that gave me my shot as you might recall.

Leadville Trail 100 Run 2011

Lifetime’s CEO was back again and gave a shorter and nice speech. He is still in contention for Leadman…but in last place of the remaining. He committed to keeping Ken and Merilee involved with the race as long as they can. He also specifically addressed how they will make small changes to make this race better over time without losing the tradition. I still believe they mean well and the additional dollars will help make that a reality. Scott, the RD, gave some great news on some of the changes for this year:

1. New aid station at South Mount Elbert Trailhead. Sounds like its where the bridge crosses the river there. Water only but that should help us 1-bottlers make it through.

2. Winfield road will be watered by Lake County just before the leaders come through. This should cut the dust down. But this is only a stop-gap measure for this year…

3. Because next year….there will be a god damn trail to Winfield! AMAZING! The forest service is 1/2 down with the trail and it will be completed for next year’s race. No more dust for us!

4. Live timing. Hope it works. Glad they are giving it a shot. Its going to really help the crews and remote spectators.

Well, that’s it for today. Kim, Natalee, JP and I are just sitting here catching up on all that has happened in the last year since this adventure. JP says he is running this sucker next year so I probably will need a new pacer for 2012. But that’s awesome! I would like to return the favor but that might be hard for me to sacrifice racing myself.

We start at 4 AM Mountain Time on Saturday. I have a scheduled post that will go up when it starts to help you follow.

Nothing left to do. I am not nervous. I just don’t know exactly how take this out just yet. “Running by feel” makes the most sense until Twin Lakes outbound. Then look at the pace charts and see how things are going. I have been warned by many (especially Footfeathers, thanks!) not to jeopardize my big buckle by chasing a bunch of fast guys after a 19:XX finish. I figure if its that day, than its that day. If its not, I will PR by a lot anyway and be back again chasing another PR for 2012. I am not going anywhere. I am Leadville. Let’s run.