Weekly Training Summary (68.13 miles / 10:04:12)

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No taste for the crow you feed me…


Mon – 8.5M: Not myself. Hot and bothered.

Tue – 8.5M: Green Mountain PR by 10 seconds. Good, but not great. Ran down Flagstaff. I really feel like those fast miles got me turning over later in the week.

Wed – 3.5M: Just a quickie before going out to dinner after a long day at work. Kind of nice to be able to just run short and not give a shit.

Thu – 8.5M: Felt pretty effortless. Not used to the legs being so fresh.

Fri [AM] – 8.5M: Very strong run. Taper is working.

Fri [PM] – 3M: Leadville night run warm-up. Brooks and I did a few quick when he arrived.

Sat – 21M: Leadville night run. Fish Hatchery to Fuller’s. Perfect night.

Sun – 6.5M: Leadville. Small run to shake out the longer effort from yesterday. Just out to the lake and back. Felt decent but a little tight in the lungs.


Training Load 2011-08-09

Didn’t have access to the software. Windows-only bullcrap. I pulled this on 8/9, 2 days after I published this.


That felt like a pretty interesting week. I had originally intended on moving to Leadville on Monday but life got in the way. Weird times at work as we laid off a few thousand people, reorganized our business unit, and I will be getting a new boss. So I stayed down low and dealt with business.

I hit JV up for Tuesday run up Green. I had some pent up frustration with not PR-ing there yet this season so I went for it purposely and got it. Felt pretty strong while working hard but right on the edge of not comfortable. The run down Flagstaff was really fast and it got my legs opened back up for the first time in months. If I had a few more weeks to spare, I would likely repeat that to see if the benefit continued.

Mid-week I started speeding up my usual loop even in the mid-day heat. Legs felt fast and I would just look down at the watch and see paces that I haven’t seen in months. Just cruising and not really working all that hard. Made me believe that the taper was actually working a bit.

Got to Leadville on Friday finally and was mentally preparing for the annual night run. Last year, it was a tough tiring outing on me. Maybe too much before the race. However, this year I wanted to use it to build confidence and test out a few things. Ended up running as well as I wanted to for the night. Had a few stomach quirks but nothing that interesting. Overall, I was really happy with the night until my hip started hurting. Turns out that run up Powerline/Sugarloaf angered my hip for the first time in months. Not sure why its that different than say a Green Mountain run but it was unhappy. I am now icing it up and sleeping on my back to keep in stretched out. 2 weeks of that should be enough to make it happy for race day. But I guarantee I will tweak the shit out of it come 80+ miles into that race.

I got out Sunday even though I thought I should take it off just to assess the situation. Plus, I am in Leadville so it feels wrong not to put some miles in. So a bit less than 2 weeks until the race and now its just the waiting. I had planned on a few more uphill adventures in coming week but I am not sure I want to sacrifice any hip recovery on that. Probably just continue to grid out a few flatter efforts and go day by day. My mental attitude is turning towards “let’s get this over with” now. Ready to have this race over with because it has consumed a lot of mental energy since I crossed the finish line last year.

2,257 on the year.