Run: Green Mountain (8.45 mi)

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Might be my last Green of the training season! Got out in the afternoon with JV for shot at a PR. The temps were in the 80s and there was a bit of rain as we climbed. So not the huge temps of days prior so thought that was in my favor. I started off moderate trying to conserve a bit for later. I was pushing my HR into the 160s which is a good level for me on an honest PR effort. Mostly my lungs were lagging. Legs felt great. Ran every step even where its faster to hike a bit usually. Found myself drifting down into the 150s twice so I made sure to push the pace back up in order to regain the 160s. Wasn’t taking splits along the way…feels like cheating. But this leads to wild guesses on whether its PR pace or not. I knew it would be close because I felt pretty good the whole way. Lots of energy. Ran right up the stairs at the end and tagged the watch at the summit.

39:35 on the rock. -10 seconds off the PR. BOOM!

OK. It wasn’t that exciting in some sense. You just always want to look down and see like -3 minutes. That’s a BOOM! -10 seconds…eh…at least I am in the game. I haven’t worked on Green this year at all. Focused on lots of long flat or roller outings. That prior PR was also set after time at altitude. So all in all, a good effort. Solid run. Excited to lower the time a bit without really focusing on it.

Rob T met us at the summit so we chatted a bit. We all descended together but JV and I took Flagstaff Road down without Rob. JV wanted to pound out the quads. Wasn’t sure I needed that but figured it would be a great way to do some quality turnover without the intensity. Ended up being 4.5 miles down averaging 6:35 pace at 143 bpm. Pretty decent. Felt perfectly fine at the bottom. I remember the first time we ran down that road…my quads were destroyed for a week. I nearly could not walk. Now? Nothing. Even ran it in the 101s and my feet didn’t feel ground down. JV bailed off the road about 1/2 way down! He had enough of the road. It was his idea!

Finished up with a quick dinner at Larkburger. Also hit REI and picked up a new 100 lumen Black Diamond headlamp for Leadville as well as a replacement 310XT GPS. $478 out the door. Oh well. Got my money’s worth out of the last one.

I went 8.45 miles with an elevation gain of 744 feet in 01:22:05, which is an average pace of 09:42. Heart rate average was 151. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.