Leadville Is About Friends

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On RunLeadville.com, I have been archiving race report links so that everyone can quickly find more than enough information from other runners on the race. This year, the list is quite a bit longer as I continued to make more friends before, during and after the weekend. Its a shared sacrifice and the people are a major reason why I … Read More

Weekly Training Summary (0.00 miles / 0:00:00)

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Mind strong, Body strong Try to find equilibrium Head straight, screwed on Been screwed up for too long Breakdown Mon – 0M: Work. 2 trips to DIA to send Fullers back to Indiana. Long conversation with Kim on Leadville to get her insight. Walked dog. Tue – 0M: Work. Try and act normal. Walked dog. Wed – 0M: Work. Being … Read More

Leadville Trail 100 Run 2011

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Previously. DNF @ 86.5 Miles. View all photos from this event. Lots of pictures of friends inside. Pre-race Kim (wife), Natalee (sister), and JP (friend) were my crew again this year. Natalee would take the crew chief duties once again like last year. Kim would play a supporting role. JP would help crew and then pace me from 50 to … Read More

Leadville Trail 100 Is Underway!

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Race started at 4 AM Mountain Time. The race will have live results at the race site. Look me up by bib #343. BTW, at last week’s MTB race, the results were delayed and mis-reported DNFs so take them with a grain of salt. My wife should be tweeting though the day on my behalf. She may get busy and … Read More

Happy Leadville Eve!

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All the goodies are out! No yarn. No, I am not carrying all this. That’s why I have a crew with a Hummer following me. I am actually pretty minimal. However, the temps are uncharacteristically low up here right now through the weekend so I will likely be a little more dressed that I would have liked. Hopefully, this eases … Read More