Run: Mission Peak (6.11 mi)

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Well, I got a comment on my last post then another co-worker confirmed it — rattler! The variety was a Western Diamondback. The colors and markings look much more inline upon review. The tail went from a blend of brown to those white/black rings at the end. Plus, I had seen the yellow rattles. Feels like a perfect match. So … Read More

Run: Mission Peak (5.81 mi)

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Felt amazing running uphill in the 8s at times with no perceived oxygen intake issues. All was good until I came around a corner running the tangent (close to the edge) and I suddenly looked down by my feet and about pissed myself! Just laying right there right on the side of the trail. I did not scream like a … Read More

Run: The Sundial (15.01 mi @ 07:41)

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Back down low. Took the opportunity to run my “every day in June” loop. +20 temp change from Leadville so the sweat was making me blind. Pushed hard to stride longer in the beginning to get the pace down. Floated a bit in the middle. Then brought it back down for the charge home dropping a sub-7 mile for the … Read More

Run: Mount Massive (13.28 mi)

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Distance 13.28 miles Time 03:16:35 Summit Elevation 14,421 feet Elevation Gain 4,560 feet Route East Slope GPS Export KML GPX GPS Analysis Gamin Connect Previously. After being in Leadville for 10 consecutive days, I had to go back to Longmont today. But I had time for a morning run. Go big, THEN go home! That was my motto. The choice … Read More