July Training Summary (260.79 miles)

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260.79 miles in 26 outings in a time of 43:35:44 with an elevation gain of 37,148 feet at an average heart rate of 147.

A huge swing in mileage this month to the downward side. This load was less than March but more than February in the build. But as you might recall, I called off the mileage commitment last month as I finished that phase of my training. This month had 2 races which were really the keys of the month. Also, got in two 14ers and spent over 2 weeks at 10,000 feet. Average HR was up by 5 bpm showing that I did more hard stuff.

So overall, a decent month. I am putting it behind me feeling recovered and healthy with less than 3 weeks to go until the final race of my season!