Weekly Training Summary (42.64 miles / 6:16:05)

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Sick of being sick and tired, sick of understanding

Tired of feeling sick to my stomach

Demons inside command me

They’re saying crush it, break it, smash it

Fuckin’ kill ’em all!

I’m taking back control with my knuckles feet

I’m taking back control with my knuckles feet

I’m taking back control with my knuckles feet

I’m taking back control with my knuckles feet


Mon – 6M: Mission Peak. PR. Run of the week. Rattlesnake!

Tue – 6M: Mission Peak. Slower going. Went after work.

Wed – 0M: Long day at work in California followed by long commute to dinner followed by dinner. Thought about going out at 11 PM but decided against it.

Thu – 7M: Morning on the bike path around work. Just pretty chill.

Fri – 8.5M: Back in Colorado. Where did my lungs go?

Sat – 6.5M: Mueller State Park. Slow and easy but was at 9500′ so it was valuable.

Sun – 8.5M: Back in Longmont. Waited until it wasn’t 100 degrees outside.


Training Load 2011-08-01

This: CTL = 135; ATL = 123; TSB = 12

Last: CTL = 145; ATL = 153; TSB = -8

So a positive TSB finally. This is the plan. Sort of trying to numerically prove full recovery and then start slowing digging myself back down as the race approaches. Not a ton but I want to be on a downwards trajectory instead of upwards for race day. Huge difference from last year.


Spent the work week in California. I knew this would mess with the usual schedule but it was timed well in advance of the race and buys me some time so I don’t have to travel again until after I run 100 miles. Worked hard on Mission Peak on day 1 there and PR’d. Felt very ready to race after that run. The next few days brought on more sluggish behavior as I wasn’t getting a lot of sleep and working all day. Took a rest day on Wednesday even though it really wasn’t planned.

I unpacked on Friday morning at home and couldn’t find my GPS watch. I had thrown it in the suitcase, which I never do, but it now wasn’t there. WTF! Did it fall out? Did it get taken out? Called the hotel but they didn’t find it. So I charged up my old 405 and have been using that for now. Probably will hit REI this week and get a replacement 310XT. I toyed with no GPS for Leadville but that just seems irresponsible at this point. I wouldn’t have any ideas on how I am moving otherwise. I am not “normal watch” savvy for my running.

We had a weekend camping trip so that impacted my chances of a long run but I was OK with that. Finishing out this recovery then ramping back up. At least it was up high so I benefited from that.

Headed back to Leadville as soon as I get things in order here at home after a week away. Planning on being there pretty much 100% until race day minus a trip home to mow the lawn and maybe get the kids off to the first day of school.

Next weekend I am planning on doing a night run on Saturday if the conditions warrant. I put a call for joiners out on RunLeadville.com.

The gut issue remains. Not sure if its compounded by the heat or what. Its a new thing for me. I have semi-barfed on about each run this week. Its not right. Trying to do my best to fuel myself as I normally do and maybe kick it this week.

At this point, all systems are go but feeling sluggish. Hoping to get back in the groove here shortly and ramp up to race day. Less than 3 weeks to go!

2,188 on the year.