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Unfortunately, all my Colorado Springs buds where out of town this weekend while I was in town. That or they knew I was coming so they got the hell out of town for fear of my wrath. See it as you like.

The family was starving after 2 days of camp food. Kim and I started fighting on the drive into town. “Just go somewhere and feed us!”, she yelled. I know a spot! Brownie’s favorite.

Will I be able to join the Clean Plate Club this time?

King Chef

Across the table, I started telling Sydney that you get a sticker if you finish and clean your plate. She was intrigued. So I kept eating. Picking up each piece of dropped lettuce and putting it down. I can do this. Sydney continues to stare at me with a huge pile of bacon left on her breakfast platter. “Want me to help you?”, I asked. “No, I got it”, she says. She was in it to win it too! I don’t get too excited or proud on the usual kid milestones but when my kid finishes a race or is ready to battle for a Clean Plate Club sticker — that’s when I get the chills!

King Chef

Here we are with our stickers proudly displayed! I transferred mine to my truck for permanent placement.

Kim also cleaned her plate with some help from Sydney and I so she got a sticker too.

Reagan did not eat because she didn’t want their food I guess. Off from camping but very picky anyway. But when they brought by the lunch pail with the sticker and candy for the clean platers to pick out, she started bawling. Quiet a show. The staff bent the rules and she was able to pick out a piece of candy as well. No sticker though. Rules are rules!