Run: Mueller State Park (6.42 mi)

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After our activities for the day, I was able to get out for a mid-day run at Mueller State Park. The trail map looks like a set of veins, interconnected all over the place. I just stayed to the outside and ran the trail that mainly followed the park boundary.

Started to rain near the end but I beat out the downpour. Lots of wildlife in this park but I never saw a thing. Tons of bear alerts. Kept me on edge for the run though. Lots of great rollers. Would love to race at this park. It would be a sweet course. All at about 9500′ but no major climbs. Just those little ups and downs.

I went 6.42 miles with an elevation gain of 191 feet in 01:00:45, which is an average pace of 09:27. Heart rate average was 121. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.