Run: Mission Peak (6.11 mi)

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Mission Peak

Well, I got a comment on my last post then another co-worker confirmed it — rattler! The variety was a Western Diamondback. The colors and markings look much more inline upon review. The tail went from a blend of brown to those white/black rings at the end. Plus, I had seen the yellow rattles. Feels like a perfect match. So I am no longer a rattler virgin! So time to head back to Mission Peak and see if I can cheat death again.

Upon arriving around 6PM, the parking lot was packed. Lines of people coming up the street too after parking in the neighborhood nearby. This is a popular place after work! Made Chautauqua look like a ghost town back home. Got after it right away and had to zig zag through the people. I had my music way up so I didn’t have to hear all the comments about the runner going by. Felt more labored today. And it was hot. Only 84 on the dial but I was sweating buckets and it was blinding me. More humid climate — even though its not humid here at all. You only realize how dry Colorado is once you leave it.

Hit the top in 34 something. Wondered where I lost the 2 minutes from the other day. Probably just throughout. Legs were wobbly at the top. I tried to keep working on my steep uphill form for most of that run. Really worked the calves. Nice jog back down however my feet hurt by the end. Its 3 miles of steep pounding back down with loose rock from time to time.

That was my last Mission Peak of the trip. Its such a great run. If I magically lived in California again, I feel like I wouldn’t want to run because its just not that conducive. However, this hill makes me feel like I am home. Plus, its nice and close. Takes less time to get to than it takes me to get to Green.

I went 6.11 miles with an elevation gain of 2,097 feet in 01:00:17, which is an average pace of 09:52. Heart rate average was 147. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.