Run: Silver Rush Bike Spectating (4.24 mi)

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T-14 hours!

Ran from home to the start/finish of the 50 mile bike which is underway now. Run and bike share the same course this weekend for the Silver Rush. Ran straight up Dutch Henri to simulate life at 6 AM tomorrow. The gun goes off and we run up a ski hill. 30 seconds of nasty. Most people walk it. Got to the top and then tracked the course back out to the Mineral Belt and perched myself for an hour watching the leaders come in. There was a not totally obvious turn there and nearly everyone in the lead missed it. I was there calling them up the hill. One guy was riding the wrong direction wondering why I was yelling at him. Nothing like getting lost with 1/2 mile to the finish line.

I never spectate races but this was sort of fun. I sat there for an hour to watch #1 through probably 50 come in. It was interesting to see how the technical skills declined as the places dropped. The leader just cruised the turn and climbed the hill like he was meant for it. Later, people got choppier. More of them walked. Others started talking to me. It was a fun dynamic. Although its a bike race, I had 2 “Are you Brandon Fuller?” shout-outs from bikers. They were going to be running the next day so they had done their research and of course my blog is one of the best reports out there, I do say! Expected to see Lucho but never did. Weird.

Jogged back home from there and just worked around the house all day. Just being nice and calm. This will be ultra #6 tomorrow. Seems like more but I am still in the single digit attempts for long distances. But I always felt under prepared for them before and now I don’t, so that should be good. My legs and lungs felt a little rougher out there today that I would have liked. Kind of had me question things. But I should be good. Didn’t sleep too well last night though. Hopefully, that gets me tired for tonight instead. I feel like I should run to the start to warm-up my lungs for the first climb. It was 1.5 miles one-way.

I plan to set a PR in one of these pairs of shoes tomorrow. Guesses?


No live updates from the course unless Kim or Brooks gets something up. Otherwise, you can watch the race’s Twitter feed that lists the finishers as the cross the line.

Tomorrow’s theme is minimal and steady. Let’s see if it works. Brooks wants me to place a bet on my time but I just don’t know.

I went 4.24 miles with an elevation gain of 305 feet in 00:38:11, which is an average pace of 09:00. Heart rate average was 145. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.