Run: Belle of Colorado (6.55 mi @ 08:40)

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Knew things would be all good today when I slept well last night. First night on high always is tough but it wasn’t too bad last night. Diuresis was totally in check. So seemingly little effect from being down low for a week. HR is just a tad high. Felt really good today out there. Just took it easy an enjoyed the great weather. It was sunny through about 3pm until the clouds moved in. No rain though.

Went over to HQ and picked up my bib. Triple digits! Darn. Now its gotta be wider on my shorts. Feeling a lot less anxious than last race here a few weeks ago. With some solid rest days this past week, I feel like I will be ready to give it a solid day with no excuses.

Leadville Silver Rush 50 Bib 2011

I went 6.55 miles with an elevation gain of 386 feet in 00:56:48, which is an average pace of 08:40. Heart rate average was 144. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.