Weekly Training Summary (43.88 miles / 7:11:38)

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Mon – 5M: Green with JV. Good work.

Tue – 0M: Was going to hike but we blew up the car. Life got in the way. Happens.

Wed – 8M: Hot and tired.

Thu – 11M: Last day of June. A few extra to get to 400 on the month.

Fri – 3M: Leadville. A quick little taper jog.

Sat – 15M: Leadville Heavy Half Marathon. 8th!

Sun – 0M: Leadville. Relax, dude. Its a holiday weekend.


Software isn’t with me. Oh well. You really didn’t care, did you? Curious how the race added up though as I wore the strap.


Lowest mileage week since Christmas 2010…and I don’t care. I told you it was going to change. And I needed that. 2 off days. 2 short days. 1 race.

I was really feeling burnt out coming into the week and even during. Running was not fun. Probably fed my anxiety about the race. However, I feel like its lifting now and I can get back to work soon. Not sure if it was perfect timing or I just held on until the 4×100 weeks were over. No matter.

Body is in a weird state right now. Muscles are angry. Like they are in repair. I have to stretch so that I can go to bed or else things ache. Something is happening. Hoping to start feeling fresher in a few days. The race really didn’t seem to take anything out of me. My legs were perfect during and after. Got a blister on my heel from pounding down that road at the end so fast. Otherwise, no complaints. However, I didn’t feel like running the day after so I didn’t. I would rather recover fully and not jeopardize anything right now. That is key for me. Took the family out to the Colorado Trail and we hiked around. Saw runners passing by. Felt happier doing what I was doing instead of doing what they were doing.

Next ultra is in 2 weeks. 50 in Leadville. Fairly excited about that right now. Hoping to turn a good time but saying to everyone that I will be cautious. See how the day goes. I really need to test myself on some longer stuff now. Test fueling, gear, and such a bit. Hoping to build confidence and benchmark myself a bit.

My Mom called me this afternoon while the kids were playing and I was relaxing with Kim on the beach. Here was the view I had at the time of the call. More for her but you might enjoy too. Colorado’s 2 monarchs, Elbert and Massive, just waiting to be run. Be over soon. The coast looks clear now and I need some vertical!

Lake View