Facebook Bans Getting People Angry

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I had sent in my article about Now Playing being banned but it never got any attention. Now it seems that some higher profile sites/tools/apps are getting banned and people are angry: Facebook’s Ban Bot Leaves Some Developers Baffled (And Angry) I have been getting itchy to lower the rate limit again but hoping this little news helps Facebook re-examine … Read More

Why Its Different This Time

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My 100 mile virginity was taken from me right about here… I haven’t penned a lot on the Leadville 100 this year. It hasn’t been that much to talk about. I think the training speaks for itself. And I did all the logistical planning last year, so that stands on its own and probably won’t revisit it much. However, I … Read More

Run: Leadville: Tabor Boat Ramp (8.19 mi)

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Mid-day. Nice and cool out. Hard start but settled in and climbed to the lake. Felt really good on the way to the boat ramp. Settled into a good groove on the lake trail and was running pretty strong. Seemed fast and effortless and very at home. When I got to the dam, I started coughing and I barfed up … Read More