June Training Summary (400.19 miles)

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400.19 miles in 35 outings in a time of 57:21:36 with an elevation gain of 16,087 feet at an average heart rate of 142.

With the 4×100 weeks mostly in June I thought it could be a bigger month. However, I had started that streak in the last days of May and then started to taper off at the end of June. Missed a run on Tuesday so before heading out today for a short run I noticed that I was only 11 miles away from the round number. Damn it. So I went for it. I had to. Only one other time I hit 400+ miles in a month. May 2010 at 402. That is the record for me and it stands. I could easy go lace up and run a few more miles today and beat it but for what? Adding on a couple miles to the PR isn’t that interesting. And that 402 set last May was a huge accomplishment. Bigger than the 400 I just ran. So I will let June be what it was and move on to July.

Next stop…I gotta go run to a sign and back.

2007-07-07 -- Leadville Heavy Half Marathon 006

This is what I looked like 4 years ago this weekend doing that same activity for my first race in Leadville ever.

2007-07-07 -- Leadville Heavy Half Marathon 007

That smile was real. Top of the world. I won’t be smiling at the top this year.