Run: Union Reservoir (8.55 mi @ 08:15)

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I picked a good week to give up running. Hot. I used to love the heat but that is when I didn’t have to run for 2 hours in it.

So yesterday I figured I should get back to Green Mountain for a 3rd day in a row. But Kim said she was interested so I adapted and figure it would be a good opportunity to work on my hiking skills and take it easy. So we got a babysitter and headed out for the hill. We got just outside of Longmont and her car does a hiccup on the acceleration. Odd. Then the Check Engine light comes on. Then I start to get into the left lane to turn off the road. Car dies. Now power steering and the brakes don’t seem too responsive. I turn hard and get us on a side street. Dead. Gave it a few minutes and was able to get it rolling again. Needless to say, the hike was off. It was a limp home. Ended up getting the car to the dealership. Fuel pump has an electrical failure. $1400. Damn it. My wife has spent the last 24 hours researching new cars. She is tired of what seems to be an endless line of repairs. I am starting to agree.

From there, I thought about getting a run in but with 101 on the outdoor thermometer and a slightly sore hip, what’s the point? So I took a rest day, during a rest week. Whatever. The only real cost will be towards my monthly total where I was PR bound but probably will come up short now. Whatever.

So today, I was able to get out and do my usual Union loop. It was almost 90 at 9 AM. Geez. Glad this is my last day here at these temps. Tomorrow, I will escape to cooler temperatures at higher altitudes for the holiday weekend.

This brings me to racing this Saturday. Its totally not a goal race but as the minutes get closer the nerves start checking themselves and the strategy starts building. I don’t know how to race this thing. I don’t know which pair of shoes to wear. Should I carry water? I feel like a first timer all of sudden. I read my old race report tonight to get some ideas on the course. Like the dip down after the first aid station. At this point, I just figure I will hammer it from the start to the top and then see what I can muster on the way back into town. If I can keep on the run through the Mosquito Pass climb, that should eliminate a lot of the field. Its a total hike fest up that thing for most. I guess overall I just don’t want to impact my later races by doing something dumb here. Like a fall. Or some foot issue. That has me thinking I should wear the Crosslite 2.0s for the race to give me some cushion on the downhill. Its rather rocky as I recall. I have no specific time goals but I do feel like their should be a decent position finish for me out there. My guess is that the real competition is in the marathon but I opted for the half for many reasons. I am cool with that decision. Especially because the marathon will be dealing with snow and I won’t!

It seems like I used to train for races because it would cause me to hurt less when you raced them. You would pay a little bit of the price everyday to build strength to achieve a successful outcome in a race. However, at some point it seems that changed. Training is about building strength so you can suffer more in the race. I am not sure if I am drawn to or afraid of that suffering. Maybe both but it depends on the timeline. Seems like the further way from the race I am, the braver I am. Then as it nears, I dread the moment. While in that moment, its a surreal feeling at times and probably the core of why I do it. Then after its a victory. Then I recover. And the cycle repeats. Not sure if that makes sense but it felt like some amazing breakthrough today while running in the heat.

I went 8.55 miles with an elevation gain of 150 feet in 01:10:39, which is an average pace of 08:15. Heart rate average was 139. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.