Run: Green Mountain (5.18 mi)

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Back to Green. Chautauqua was full. Geez. Parked on road. Headed to Gregory.

Twin-Daddy-4-0 wanted to play tortoise and the hare again. I offered to be the tortoise…again. I headed up without seeing him knowing he was like 5 minutes behind me in traffic. I was sweating buckets up Amp and couldn’t pull my heart rate much over 150. Its so used to being low that its forgotten how to rev up. I powerhiked most of Amp, whereas I used to run it all and die at the top. Figured this cost me time. I kept checking the rearview looking for JV but he wasn’t in sight. It could be any second. I progressed up and finally reached the top of Saddle Rock. No JV. Started to get a 2nd wind here and was running pretty strong after the hurting earlier. The HR actually drifted up over 153 or so and it felt better. Like I was getting blood and oxygen to the systems that needed it. Ran through the curves and looked back and didn’t see him. Any minute! Hit the snow fence and looked way back. Nope. Finally made it through the last few sections and topped out in 41. There was a on-clock pee break in there too. 3 minutes off the PR but I was working pretty good but not at PR pace. Plus, I had that startup issue. Just need to do this a few more times and I will be there.

JV finally arrived about 5 minutes after. Turns out we crossed wires and he was waiting on me at the bridge while I was trying to run away from him. Oh well. We descended the front together. He was moving great and I felt slow. My quads were super soft. I am not downhill dialed right now. It will return shortly. Just out of practice. But I do feel like I have more to offer. Just a bit tired getting back in the groove.

5 miles on the day! And that was 5 solid miles!

I went 5.18 miles with an elevation gain of 2,440 feet in 01:18:15, which is an average pace of 15:06. Heart rate average was 139. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.