Weekly Training Summary (100.17 miles / 14:57:20)

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I feel it tear out my insides

A pain so heavy I could collapse

I feel it just may kill me

I must brave through this storm


Mon – 14M: Late for a meeting so a little short and fast to get home.

Tue – 8M / 8M: Did a 2-fer for a break on the legs.

Wed – 15M: Oh god.

Thu – 15M: Eh.

Fri – 8M / 8M: Two decent laps but hot and tired. At least they were a little quicker. Paces have been falling off in the heat.

Sat – 10M: Hot out. Cooled off in the pool after and played with the kids.

Sun – 12M: Green-Bear. Hot! Out of water on Bear so had to go dry until Chautauqua.


Training Load 2011-06-26

This: CTL = 146; ATL = 163; TSB = -17

Last: CTL = 141, ATL = 156, TSB = -15

Still increasing the numbers. Not sure what’s going to happen next but guessing TSB will drop as I recover.



I always wanted to do a 4×100 mile week build. Something magical, symmetrical, and powerful about those numbers in my mind. Seemed like it would be a worthy build up for a 100 mile race. And now its in the books. Here is the progression since January 1st totaled by week.


So how did it feel? Not bad, actually. I built up to it so I was used to just adding a bit more every few weeks. I didn’t ever feel burnt out and I didn’t hurt myself. I hope that this baseline aerobic effort will be just what I need. I have seen heart rate drop. However, it was confusing because the heat of June threw the numbers in the wrong direction comparatively. But I kept moving. I think that was really the key. I ran a lot. I barely stopped. I never walked. That is a lot different than prior years. So now that the build is done, its time to sharpen and race and have some fun.

The thing that started to get at me about a week or two ago was my lack of attention to the hills. Due to the time constraints of running 15 miles a week, I couldn’t spend 30 minutes each way in the car getting to the hills. So I stayed local and told myself that as soon as this 4 week period is done, I will rededicate myself to elevation and dirt. I feel like I have plenty of time to do that especially given the races I am doing are running courses with some climbing. I have decent climbing abilities. I just need to wake them back up now. I started today by getting back in Boulder Mountain Park for the first time in a while.

For the record, I will not attempt to chase mileage now for the rest of the race season. If I get 70 miles, then I probably worked in the hills a lot. If I get 100 again, I probably didn’t. I will run what comes but I really need to get myself back to a stable place now and sharpen my speed. I have been tired for too long. It has hurt every time I walk up the stairs since about April. I feel it in my quads. Means I am doing something. Other things are starting to hurt too. I put my wedge in my shoe a bit this week because my tib-post wasn’t happy. Been sleeping in the boot. But now I want to start to acquaint myself with a fresher body. Its been said that ultrarunners don’t know how to run rested. So I will try go move myself closer to that. I don’t plan on slacking but just focusing on weekly runs of significance instead of the daily pounding that I have been doing.

I have 3 races this summer. All in Leadville. I have run all of them before. Barring crazy things, I guarantee a PR for myself at each of those events. No wavering. This is a big contrast to my running over the past 2 years where I worry a lot at each race whether I will be able to best my previous self. Here I know that’s going to happen and I will work to make it so. The half marathon might not be great for me. Not sure. Its a short race comparatively and I haven’t trained specifically for it. Just thought it would be fun to tune-up with a shorter mountain run that wouldn’t kill me. However, the 50 really has me interested now. I have trained for the 100 exclusively but that’s gotta translate at the 50 mile distance. I have no expectations — other than the PR — but I hope for good things. Then the 100. Well, its 100. As we saw with WS100 yesterday, you never know how its going to go. But I feel confident and I have a lot of time to only sharpen that up before race day. I am not afraid.

1,902 on the year.