June Training Summary (400.19 miles)

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400.19 miles in 35 outings in a time of 57:21:36 with an elevation gain of 16,087 feet at an average heart rate of 142. With the 4×100 weeks mostly in June I thought it could be a bigger month. However, I had started that streak in the last days of May and then started to taper off at the end … Read More

Run: Union Reservoir (8.55 mi @ 08:15)

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I picked a good week to give up running. Hot. I used to love the heat but that is when I didn’t have to run for 2 hours in it. So yesterday I figured I should get back to Green Mountain for a 3rd day in a row. But Kim said she was interested so I adapted and figure it … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (5.18 mi)

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Back to Green. Chautauqua was full. Geez. Parked on road. Headed to Gregory. Twin-Daddy-4-0 wanted to play tortoise and the hare again. I offered to be the tortoise…again. I headed up without seeing him knowing he was like 5 minutes behind me in traffic. I was sweating buckets up Amp and couldn’t pull my heart rate much over 150. Its … Read More

Run: Green-Bear-Fern-Mesa (11.70 mi)

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Crosslite 2.0s maiden voyage Full parking lot Chris Lee on bike Baseline Gregory Lot Gregory People People People Dogs Struggled over rocks Downhill HR in the high 140s Hell yeah, but slow Grind up Hike steep for practice Summit Not a PR Soon Cough Butterflies Green-Bear West Ridge Summit Upper Fern Hate Skater fly by. OMG. Out of water Fuck … Read More