Run: Green-Bear (12.63 mi)

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Eh. Kim had a meeting this morning so I didn’t get to do my normal morning adventure. No problem. So I mowed the yard, played with the kids, and did some other stuff around the house. Kim brought home some lunch around noon. I was starved so I ate it and cleaned up after everyone else. Go the go ahead … Read More

Daily Diversion

A Day in the Life37 Comments

Lamborghini Aventador from Sehsucht™ on Vimeo. I originally wanted a Lamborghini Countach as my first car. Dreams. Then the Diablo. Another beauty. Now the Aventador! I am still saving. And the cars keep getting cooler. One day…maybe…please?

The Beauty of CloudInit

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Over the past few months, for work and for side-projects, I have moved to deploying my web applications into the cloud. Why not. Its the all the rage right now. But it really was always the cloud to begin with. It used to be dedicated or virtual private servers (VPS). And that is how I looked at Amazon AWS in … Read More