Run: Green Mountain (5.86 mi)

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Day 2 of the conference. No morning run for me as I woke up to pouring rain. Glenn ran the Boulder Creek Trail in the rain in the AM. He did get a treat as that rain turned to snow as he made his way up the canyon. Being from California, he doesn’t get to run in snow that often. … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (9.06 mi)

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As I mentioned, I had a 2-day conference in Boulder this week. At the St. Julien. Definitely the nicest place to stay in Boulder. The H2 received prime treatment as it got to park right out front and center in the driveway each day. It was kind of cool. Anyway, Glenn (my Cisco bro and longtime running mentor) is in … Read More

Rest Day

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Stayed the course and didn’t lace up today. Its strange. Feels like there are just so many more hours in the day. Not quite sure what to do with them at times. I am not good at relaxing. Trying to learn a bit from Wyatt though.