Run: Green Mountain (9.01 mi)

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See the peaks…peaking through just below the stop lights? Clouds were low. Time to run up through them and get on top! I am not exactly sure what to make of this dude. I just can’t get used to the socks look. But then again, I don’t think he has shown any leg since last summer. So kudos to him … Read More

Run: Leadville Boulevard (13.13 mi)

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Needed to finish up my week with 13 more. Mountains were fogged in. Headed out and knew it would be a slog near the end. Ran out to the junction then up Mountain View. Stopped at the Ice Park playground to go #2. It was open but realized the water was off after making my deposit. That should be fun … Read More

Run: Leadville Loop (13.48 mi)

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Back in Leadville for the weekend. Haven’t been here in over a month. Lots of reasons for that but things should tilt back this way once again. So the big excitement was to see how much winter had retreated since our last visit. Our driveway is now clear as is most of the property. Even this week’s snowfall had melted … Read More