May Training Summary (383.93 miles)

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383.92 miles in 33 outings in a time of 55:22:38 with an elevation gain of 21,276 feet at an average heart rate of 139.

This is where I came from…


My parents were in town for the Memorial Day weekend which provided me a great reason to relax a bit and cut back the running volume before the final push to the finish. We took them up to Leadville to show them our new place. That also got us some babysitters as Kim and I took to the street on bike for a little ride.


All in all, May was a pretty good training month. I held the 90+ mile weeks until the last one which was a rest week with only 70 miles. Kind of funny because 70 was the weekly volume during March. However, this month did not eclipse last May which was my biggest month ever. Now, I could have easily done that but I purposely did not shoot to break that total. I tried my best to stick to the 90+ miles and not go over that. I could have went 100+ every week but I did not. I wanted to maintain the steady build and not blow it.

My wife (and probably others) still maintain that I am running too much at the risk of injury. I see the point but I am knowingly disagreeing with their assertion. So I am setting myself up for a “I told you so” moment but I feel like I am doing what is right for me.

So now we are into June. Kids are out of school. This brings a bit more freedom to my days. I will shoot to hit the 100+ mile weeks through the month as I have laid out before. If stuff starts hurting in an interesting way, I will back it down. I do feel that I am already in the zone where I wanted to be for Leadville. I think I can achieve the baseline goals with what I have now. But that’s not good enough anymore. I need to kill this thing. So I will continue to push it a bit more so that I can really see if I can deliver the performance I think I can.

1,527 on the year.