Bolder Boulder 10K 2011 #1

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Distance 10K
Time 39:42
Pace 6:23
Rank 423 of 49,208
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Bolder Boulder 10K 2011

The Bolder Boulder remains the biggest race I have ever participated in by total number of folks. Waves of runners start at 9 AM and are still heading out for hours after that. The big twist for me this year was that I would be running twice. Once by myself leaving from wave AA up front. Then returning to run it again with my daughter and my mother. I was definitely more excited about lap #2 than lap #1.

Got up on the later side and got down to the race quickly. Had to locate a new secret parking spot this year as the start line had changed. I knew of a nice corporate spot that I had been to recently and I parked there and was within a 1/2 block of the start line. Got in there and did about a mile warm-up. Found Brownie and wished him luck. He had just raced the day before so he was full of excuses on how he would be hurting through this one.

I went over to the port-o-pot line and waited. It was taking forever. Tons of people and most of them had bibs that started with H, N, P, etc. You people do not have to run for hours and you are busy taking a crap right now? I started flashing my bib and asking if I could go ahead. Got up to the near front before being stopped. Got in, did my business. My watch showed 4 minutes until I started the race. Gotta go! Ran to the start line and just barged in and stood on JV‘s shoulder.

This was my 2nd go at this race. I enjoyed it last year and was back again with no particular goals for the race. I wasn’t really sure if I would PR. Course was changed with more uphill at the start so that was a valid excuse to hold in my head. We headed out and JV got a jump on me. I was way chill with my pace. Brownie had a 1 minute lead on me since he went out in the “ultra cool” wave A. Wondered if I would be able to find and pass the man in the brown hat.

I kept it smooth. Probably too smooth. Found myself checking my watch and not running the pace that I needed to. In a 5K, its just all out. So that’s easy. Here I sort of can’t find the range without working at it. I was probably moving more toward a race pace half-marathon range. Anyway, it was a challenge and I hadn’t worked on this.

At about mile 1, I could see Brownie fading backwards and being swallowed by the AA wave coming up on him. I came up beside him around the mile 2 marker. I yelled, “Hey Sexy!” to him and he told me to watch my back. I never saw him again until the race was over. He was busy taking shots and doing keg stands. So I guess officially I won that battle. I figured he would still have that 1 minute buffer to hit the buffet of alcohol on the course without getting passed by someone a wave behind. I will take the victory on paper but I don’t like getting my wins when he isn’t at top form.

Somewhere in the mile 3 range, I worked my way up to JV’s shoulder. We exchanged a few words which mainly communicated the fact that we were both working. I felt pretty comfortable at that moment but I think he was less positive. I have always looked up to JV’s ability to run even though he does not consider himself a runner. Especially on pavement. But this is where I spend my time, so I motored ahead and didn’t see him again until after the race. I will admit I took one look over my shoulder though coming into the stadium. Wondering if JV or Brownie would be surging up the hill after me.

The rest of the miles were just business as usual. I felt relatively comfortable. The hills made it a bit harder to nail down exact paces until the splits came in. But I just didn’t have the drive to run much harder or faster and I felt like I was safely running it in. I crossed the line and hit my stop button on the watch late so wasn’t sure what my time was exactly but I was pretty sure I wasn’t faster than last year. Oh well. Turns out I was +20 seconds over last year. Like the others around me, I said I was slow because of the new start.

Here are my splits. 2011 on the left, 2010 on the right for comparison. Turns out that I was about even though the 1/2 way point and then burnt the time in mile 4-6. I remember having more of a fire at the end of the race last year which brought me close to the point of puking post race. This year, I was pretty chill post-race. Felt fine. That’s a problem. But overall, I ran “about” the same race as last year and I haven’t done a single speed workout in 2011. If I actually did, I bet I could really lower these times. Maybe next year.

Split    2011 — 2010

Mile 1 – 6:16 — 6:17
Mile 2 – 6:22 — 6:23
Mile 3 – 6:34 — 6:31
Mile 4 – 6:26 — 6:19
Mile 5 – 6:21 — 6:04
Mile 6 – 6:22 — 6:11

JV had to run back to the start to run with his wife so I wished him luck on his 2nd lap. Brownie came through and we motored through the post-race tents together. Had a good time catching up. Then it was time for me to return to the start for my 2nd Bolder Boulder!

I went 6.29 miles with an elevation gain of 226 feet in 00:39:47, which is an average pace of 06:19. Heart rate average was 158. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.