Weekly Training Summary (70.72 miles / 9:48:16)

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Mon – 15M: Good run. Did a loop up Sandstone Ranch and felt like I should come back next week to do hill repeats like in the old days.

Tue – 15M: Just grinding it out. Kind of felt like a break was in order.

Wed – 13M: My parents arrive today. Great excuse to take some rest.

Thu – 9M: Green Mountain with JV. Great run. Nearly a PR day without the PR effort.

Fri – 11.5M: Shorter run in between parents, work, and leaving for Leadville. Felt solid though.

Sat – 0M: Leadville. Hung out with my parents and wife and kids. But Kim and I did get on the road bikes for an hour long ride out around the lake. Good to be out with her. She was working on the climbs. I oddly enjoyed the bike and wondered why I don’t do it more. Oh right, it doesn’t count towards my weekly mileage total!

Sun – 7M: Leadville. Out to the lake and along the shore. Trail isn’t clear yet but I ran on the bottom of the lake. The water is really low. Came back via Mini-Powerline. Fun to be on course without snow. Next visit should really feel like summer.


Training Load 2011-05-29

This: CTL = 126; ATL = 131; TSB = -5

Last: CTL = 125; ATL = 142; TSB = -17

The off day plus lower volume resulted in a big drop in ATL which brought the TSB back up to nearly 0. That’s what you are supposed to do during a rest cycle. Didn’t quite hit it but that’s OK.


I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to hit 90 again this week. It would have been totally just phoning it in though. On Tuesday, I felt a little burnt on the cycle and told myself I should look forward to a reduced workload for the weekend. Why not? I worked hard all month with a good string of 90+ mile weeks. Now its time to back it down a bit, rest up, then hit the accelerator one more time for June. But there is some internal drive that wants to hit those big miles every week so I don’t let someone down. Is that me? Or you? Or my impression of what you think of me? Whatever it is, its pretty strong and I appreciate that its there when I need that drive but its a bit hard to turn off when its time to take it easy.

So I reduced the volume and took Saturday totally off from running but opted to take a bike ride with Kim instead. She has her new road bike and I talked her into a Leadville ride. Nothing crazy but we did a little climbing, got some speed, did a little flats, and came home. I actually found myself enjoying the bike. Tore up the final hill and felt like a stud just huffing and cruising up the road at 10,000 feet. If things start hurting on the body as the big race approaches, I feel like I could get some quality work out of the bike. Duh.

Running the Bolder Boulder 10K in the morning. No hot predictions. Don’t really have any incentives other than to run strong and see how it feels. If I got closer to 38, it would be great.

Planning on stepping up to triple digits for the next few weeks. Time permitting.

1,497 on the year.