Weekly Training Summary (93.20 miles / 13:16:26)

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Is it my turn to die?

That’s my OBL reference of the week.


Mon – 12M / 5M: HR was way high in the morning. No rest day last week so maybe I am in trouble? Or maybe it was just up late watching Obama and OBL.

Tue – 18M: Kinda went out with no target but kept moving pretty easily so I went long. Felt pretty great other than about a mile in the middle. Felt like I held pace well and kept the HR low. Seems like a good thing when its a long run, its decently fast, and its not that hard. Trifecta.

Wed – 12M: Tired in the legs but not bad. Planned on a double but I got a look when I said I was leaving again and immediately took off my shoes and stayed home to help.

Thu – 18M: Knew I wanted to repeat Tuesday to get the miles up for the week. So went long again. All splits were around 7:30. 10 bpm more on the HR but it was on heavier legs.

Fri – 10M / 5M: Went out real fast and they brought it back slow. Stupid.

Sat – Green-Bear: Hottest run of the year so far. Just wanted to get 10-15 to hit the mileage target and be sure I ran hills once this week. Its been hard to get there.

Sun – Off. Very intentional. Ran hard early in the week and had 80 in 5 days. Then I could relax for the weekend.


Training Load 2011-05-07

This: CTL = 126; ATL = 153; TSB = -27

Last: CTL = 118; ATL = 139; TSB = -21

I pulled this graph on Saturday night since I knew Sunday would be off. The numbers will drop of course with the off day going into next week but I was curious what the peak would be. 153 on the ATL was a season high. I didn’t track this in 2010 post-Boston but I am guessing this is in the range of all time high. The TSB is a little higher than I feel. Seems like it should be in the -30s. I am not in a zombie like state. In fact, I had some hard and fast stuff this week and felt great after and the next day. So I think I am adapting to the load nicely.


I hate when people say “Bring It” but I actually felt like I “brought it” this week. Except for Saturday’s heat stroke, that was a pretty solid week. Those mid week 18M runs were really solid and I felt really good during and after them. I just felt in the moment a few times and like I was actually in a new place with my running. Just able to push out these marathon style long runs with no prep and no mental stress. I wasn’t necessarily done after them either. I just plain had to get back to work.

I had some grand idea of piling on the big work early in the week so I could be a good boy and pull off a rest day for Sunday. I toyed with taking it in the middle of the week but I thought it would be nice and appropriate to be 100% available on Sunday which is Mother’s Day and Sydney’s Birthday. So I built the mileage early and packed in 80 in 5 days. That was a 98 mile rolling weekly backlog too so it wasn’t too shabby.

The only body part that really hindered me this week was that right ankle. It just feels locked up at times. I would stop and kind of shake it, stretch it, bend it, then it would come back. Its odd but just something I am watching. Everything else felt right at home. Every mile this week was run in minimal shoes. I have totally converted. My hip barked a few times but in different spots. And usually my left hip hurt too. When its symmetrical, I know its all good. So still firing on all cylinders right now. Except I had some chaffing this week! That shows you are really amping it up. My fucking armpits were sore as hell nightly.

The interesting change this week was that jump in time where I crossed some magic threshold. Maybe its just getting used to those 2+ hour days out there but I found all kinds of new stuff to think about. Usually its some combination of work and life and LT100. This week I was pleasantly distracted on Monday by the OBL news from the night before. The other days were a lot of work things. But somewhere middle of the week I started really thinking about other crap. What do I want out of this? I know I want to achieve that sub-25 hour finish (and more) this August but I really have this blank stare when I think of any future running after that. I have made those lifestyle changes that I don’t want to go back on. That isn’t the issue. I have been goal driven to get to this point but I only have 1 goal left. And after that, I am not really sure what will get me excited.

On top of that, I had a few comments this week that were of the “you run too much” variety. I usually respond with “I try too”. Frankly, its the only way I know and feel like I will be prepared for my redemption run in August. I look across the landscape of runners I know and know of in Colorado and its a total mixed bag. I have people that run less miles per week and kill it all the time racing every other weekend. I have people that run about the same that are 10+ years younger than I am. I have people that are older than me and I can’t keep up with. Its really hard to find a model. Back to the “N of 1” theory I suppose.

I brought this up to Kim a bit tonight — she sort of hates talking about running. “Don’t you have friends that like to talk about this stuff?”, she usually says. I never quite know how to take her feedback. Sometimes it feels like she is too close to it. Other times I feel like she doesn’t get it because she isn’t a runner. Sometimes I know its just because she is the most effected by it. But other times, I figure she is the only one who truly would care about me because we are married and shit. So tonight, she said, “yeah, too much and it makes you too tired so you don’t perform well”. OK, then. I didn’t argue it. But I am not sure if she is right or not. If I get hurt before August, then she was right. If I don’t and I taper out of this and blow the doors off the race, she wasn’t — or maybe I got lucky. I don’t know. I guess I am going to follow this course I set out and only make changes if something gets jacked up. If its works, sweet. If not, maybe back to the drawing board. Maybe not.

(That feels whiny now that I re-read it. Kinda felt like deleting it. But I am not going to.)

BB10K registered.

Plan is to hit 90s again this week. Might be tougher given I have a 2 day conference in Boulder. Glenn will be here though and I am excited to hit Green with him! I will return to the high country for the weekend and give a full report on the conditions. Hoping to get a long run in up there.

1,245 on the year.