Weekly Training Summary (83.59 miles / 10:58:52)

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Push hard to breaking point

And I’m ready to overload

No limits and no regrets

It’s time to sell my soul


Mon [AM] – 5M: Easy to start the week.

Mon [PM] – 10M: Felt really off. Gut issues. Burp.

Tue – 10M: Good then tired.

Wed [AM] – 8.5M: Cruising. Had to get back to a meeting.

Wed [PM] – 5M: Breaking and testing the race shoes for Saturday.

Thu [AM] – 16M: Longer run of the week. Wanted to go further but couldn’t spare the block of time. Kinda bonked in the middle. Full bottle of water down. Hot out.

Thu [PM] – 4M: Not getting 20 sat heavy. So I pushed Kayla and Wyatt in a bike trailer to round out the day.

Fri – 7M: Nice, easy taper run. That’s all for today.

Sat [AM] – 1M, 5K: PR.

Sat [PM] – 5M: Just wanted to get a few more miles in on the day since I was still in costume. Nice easy stuff to shake out the race.

Sun – 8M: Just a short one before Reagan’s birthday party. No double today. Kind of using it as rest.


Training Load 2011-05-01

This: CTL = 118; ATL = 139; TSB = -21

Last: CTL = 113; ATL = 133; TSB = -20

Interesting week on the graph. Hit the highest ATL of the season. Mostly because the volume keeps increasing and I didn’t take a rest day this week. There were clear easy and harder days though so I feel like I had some variance. But its duly noted that I ignored the rest. Was interesting to see the data on the 5K and that it only produced TRIMP of 49. While the cool down run that was 2 miles longer several hours later was a 99! Something isn’t right about that it seems to me. Still tracking though.

TSB still hanging in the -20s which is tolerable. I definitely don’t feel dead. Had a few tired days this week but I wasn’t sleeping that well this week for some reason.


Everything seems to be staying in check so I can’t complain this week.

The left knee I fell on is still recovering but its a non-factor now. Just sore if I squat. I made sure to stretch it out before the 5K to give it some extra room.

The right ankle felt better this week. I did wear my LunarElites a few days in the middle when things hurt. Just gives me a little more shock absorption on the pavement than the other shoes in the stable. That seems to be enough to keep it happy. Still on notice here.

The right hip performed well all week and didn’t even flinch at the race. Not sure that’s the type of effort that would really get it hot though but it held anyway and that was a positive sign. Hoping there isn’t some after effect this week but I doubt it. Definitely feel like I have turned the corner and I probably will stop writing it about it soon.


Just had the monthly wrap-up so nothing much new to add.

Hoping the heat returns this week.

Would like to hit the trails more this week. Last week just didn’t work schedule-wise.

Time for 90 MPW baseline now. Let’s go.