Meet Us On Mount Sanitas (3.88 mi)

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Last weekend, we were watching videos and the kids saw one where Reagan and I climbed up Sanitas in September 2009. Should we do that again? I carried her up until the rocks on that one but I figured she was old enough to hike it herself now. Sydney hadn’t been there so she was excited about climbing up all … Read More


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Must try and keep up with him. Stopped at BRC. Crosslite 2.0s. Sort of don’t like the billboard look to them unless they are paying me to wear them. But these things are the grippiest shoes ever. Ran 60 miles of the LT100 in the 1.0s last year with no complaints. I wanted a new pair to have in the … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (6.57 mi)

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Chautauqua No socks Minimus Baseline Pee Excuse me Run away Gregory T-O-P-L-E-S-S Five Guys wasn’t a good idea pre-run HR 163 Go with it Snowy to the creek Coughing at the cabin PR pace Slushy Starting to suck Wet shoes Icy switchbacks No more T-O-P-L-E-S-S Minimus not gripping on ice 4-way Winter isn’t over? Summit 48 from Chautauqua That could … Read More

Happy Decade, Son

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Today was my son’s 10th birthday! The girls said he should get a bacon cheeseburger so that’s what he got. With candle and all! They sung to him too. In previous years, we would usually remember his birthday about a week late and be like “oh well, he is a dog”. But this year, we didn’t forget to celebrate his … Read More