Run: Green Mountain (9.04 mi)

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Chautauqua Crosslite 1.0s Foggy or is that pot haze from 4/20? Baseline Mud pies on shoes Gregory pitstop #2 Gregory Slippery rocks Slow down 160 HR holding Cabin PR pace Working Climbing Dusting of snow Tiring 4-way Big steps hurt knee 48 from start Summit by myself Cough Descend Slippery Green-Bear Slow Knee not confident Cautious Not in my groove … Read More

Local Counsel Collective

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Back in 1996, Steve and I collaborated on an effort which produced Orion Software Development. It was a great opportunity. Fast forward to last fall when Steve called me with another opportunity. It did take some convincing because I know nothing about the legal industry but I got on board. Over the past 5 months on nights and weekends, we … Read More

1000 Miles Year to Date

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This post was supposed to go up yesterday but I wasn’t able to get the miles in because of my knee. It hurt bad on the PM run. I started and stopped about 4 times before finally finding a gear/stride that I could live with. Really was on the verge of walking home because I felt like damage was being … Read More