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The dog woke me up and I couldn’t get back to sleep. So I decided to run some numbers. Here’s the graph. Each column is a week of training. Miles per week on the left Y axis and elevation gain per week on the right Y axis. I just wanted to plot the elevation to see if there was any correlation or trends. The green line is a trendline on the mileage to see if I am going the right direction.


I was just curious if I was being as consistent as I thought I had been so far this year. I think the answer is yes. Only 2 (maybe 3) bars are off there. The first is that 15 week. That was when I got the shot and couldn’t run anyway. The second is that 60 then 52 week. Those aren’t too shabby but that was when I just burnt out a bit and the hip was still hurting and I took some rest days while it was snowy. Otherwise, I think it looks pretty good.

Going into the season, I had no specific training plan like you would have for a marathon. I just wanted to steadily build fitness for a very long period. Basically from January to August. Running pretty much exclusively at or near maximum aerobic fitness levels based on heart rate.

As for the mileage, it started out at a baseline average plan and has built:

January – 50+

February – 60+

March – 70+

April – 80+

So it will follow:

May – 90+

June – 100+

July – Random 60-90

August – Less than 50

My goal is to continue to build all the way until the end of June. July will have me racing twice. I plan to taper and recover in there for those. I plan on focusing workouts on key trail runs in Leadville and the mileage may or may not add up. I won’t care at that point. Then August will basically be staying loose and waiting for the race to start.

All in all, this feels like a total shot in the dark to meet my one true goal of the year. That damn big buckle. But it feels right. When I think about it, I still feel like I had my shot at it last year but it wasn’t my day. I could have been there. So now with additional time, experience, and miles under my belt in combination with home field advantage, I really feel like its all mine to win or lose this year. The odds seem to be in my favor. And usually the dream finishes well.

But then my mind wanders. Why can’t I run 23…22…21…20 hours there? Why does it have to be 24:59? Should I play it conservative or just go give it everything? I just don’t know yet. For some reason, 2010’s A-Goal no longer seems to be enough for a successful 2011.

Hopefully, sometime in July…things will become clear.