Weekly Training Summary (85.13 miles / 12:51:16)

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I’m still breathing, fuck your sympathy

(I had to post a video because my Mom called and wondered what that line meant. Guess she didn’t get the clue that they are song lyrics up there in italics each week.)


Mon [AM] – 5M: Shake out after 2 days off. Pooped. Corn makes a great butt wipe.

Mon [PM] – 10M: Nearly a PR for the distance and I wasn’t trying. Just running solid.

Tue – Off. Work was busy then had to go to Syd’s Science Fair after school. Rest day!

Wed [AM] – 8.5M: Cold and wet out. Sluggish legs.

Wed [PM] – 7M: Fastest 10k distance of the year.

Thu [AM] – 7M: Quickie.

Thu [PM] – 7M: Sydney paced me on her bike. I spit on her. Keep up, punk.

Fri [AM] – 5M: Perfect weather. Cool. Shake out.

Fri [PM] – 10M: Decent. Wedge was breaking my ankle so I pulled it 1/2 way. Better.

Sat – 16M: 4 hours of hill work. Beautiful.

Sun – 9.5M: Angry legs but they got into it and held a normal pace day. Encouraged.


Training Load 2011-04-10

This: CTL = 105; ATL = 125; TSB = -20

Last: CTL = 96; ATL = 104; TSB = -8

Looks like I can push the ATL to a 2011 high this week.


Went to Jeremy on Thursday. He basically told me to stay the course. So I am.

My right hip is trending better. It was down early in the week but it held on Friday-Saturday-Sunday very nicely. The pain is likely some tendonitis fed by an impingement in there. So I am working on my stride a lot in the runs. Pushing the toe into the ground.

My right ankle is wonky. It feels locked up. Told Jeremy about it and we discussed removing the wedge. So on Friday’s run I pulled it 1/2 way when it started hurting and it magically felt better. I just need more range of motion and its in the way. Worried it will flare the tib posterior though. Will see.

My left ankle took a good twist while descending Saddle Rock. This is the 2nd time in that exact spot. Its just when you start zigging through those trees and there are big flat drops. I landed sideways on it and it hurt. I pulled up for 2 minutes to get it loosened up again. Sore as hell today.


We are in a new calendar quarter so I am mixing things up a bit. No more slogging out a single run a day for a bit. Went back to the 2fer with a small one in the morning to wake things up followed by the key workout in the afternoon. This allows me to turn on my solar powered boosters more effectively. I enjoyed the change this week. Some combination of that routine plus the rest days had me firing much more effectively this week. I sort of thing this stronger form helps my hip and ankle as the runs are more focused and strong throughout. Just an observation.

Had some good speed on several runs this week. Not trying for it but it came anyway. I was just working the HR zone that my body wanted to jump up to and the pace came with it. Felt just right…a bit labored but could keep it up for an hour or more with no worries.

The big day in the hills was another great workout. Got out 2 hours earlier in order to appease the family but it ended up making me happier too. With an investment of 4 hours on the road, I could easily see more like 28 miles on the day. But only 16 leaves something to be desired in that department but that’s not why I go there. I am still not seeing splits on the climbs as I had last year but I am not red lining it. I need JV out front to chase. I will be ready when he returns. I think the PR will come.

I am going to race before LT100.