Daily Diversion

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Space Shuttle Discovery’s Last Launch…as viewed from a commercial airline flight out of Orlando. What timing.

Run: Pretty Fucking Steady (12.02 mi @ 07:22)

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Boom. During that hundy week, I felt fatigued. Kind of continued over the last 2 days with the cold weather. Then today, the sun was out and it was shirtless again. Pounded down 1/2 a two liter of Dew and ran. I expanded my loop and wore my ugly/not-so-ugly(?) K-Swiss Kwickys from JV. My legs were tireless today. Kept lowering … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (6.02 mi)

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Conditions: Totally blow. The temps have dropped back below freezing here in Colorado for the last few days. Supposed to end soon. And they talked about snowfall but it never really appeared where I live. The foothills seemed to have a dusting but were surrounded in a blanket of fog so I couldn’t see them from home when I left … Read More

Weekly Training Summary (100.44 miles / 15:12:10)

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Suffer? I laugh at the thought. Welcome back. Kind of. Some combination of the nice spring-ish weather, my desire to test myself, and round numbers got this week going. Somewhere mid-week I started to set my sights on 100 but that quickly faded when my tibialis anterior blew the fuck up on my left side. This happened post-Boston last year … Read More

Run: Leadville Crystal Carnival (13.84 mi)

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This weekend was one of two yearly festivals in Leadville. We have Boom Days in the summer and the Crystal Carnival in the winter. Brooks and I had been planning a get together so this weekend offered a good entertainment option. He arrived late Friday night as did we after a pretty painless commute up. Had only about 3-4 inches … Read More