Run: Green Mountain [Bear/BK] (9.01 mi)

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Today is when everybody wears green. Fuck that. I ran Green instead. Spring is here. This was the first run without microspikes on the mountain in 2011. Knowing that the spikes were staying in the truck, I was ready to break out the new toys for my feet! The maiden voyage for the New Balance Minimus Trail shoe. Saw this … Read More

Run: Boulder 8ers Figure 8 (16.04 mi)

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Longest effort of 2011 at 4+ hours. Three 8,000+ foot peaks. Double Green Mountain ascents. We committed to spending a weekend on the Front Range instead of our usual commute to Leadville because of a few kid’s parties. Therefore, I found the energy and time to run longer in the hills around here today. I had some ideas on the … Read More

Run: Still In The Game (12.01 mi @ 07:27)

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Never give up. The weather was a tad HOT today. Shirtless again but I liked it down a few degrees yesterday. Same loop as yesterday but in reverse. Felt oddly strong. Usually don’t have back to back days like that. Fought the wind outbound for 2 miles then turned. Felt strong in the sun so I moved the pace down. … Read More